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What is Irrigation Benchmarking?

Irrigation benchmarking is a process of comparative analysis of the performance that allows scheme managers to understand the service, financial and other aspects of their systemís performance in relation to other similar irrigation schemes.

This website offers:

  • Background and guidelines to the benchmarking process and indicators:

  • Options to add data on line (Benchmarking Services) and

  • Access to the results, and the ability to query data by categories of irrigation system. Select your desired option by clicking on the titles to the left.

Irrigation benchmarking is based on voluntary subscription of information by interested users. Other users may also undertake comparative analysis of the available data.

Guidelines and Documentation for Benchmarking Performance

This option allows you to Download or Read our Guidelines for Benchmarking Performance in the Irrigation and Drainage Sector. This file is available on HTMLTM, MS Word© and Adobe© AcrobatTM pdf formats.

Benchmarking Services

This option allows you to logon to Benchmarking Systems. If you have already registered, please Login using your User Name and Password in order to access our Online Irrigation Benchmarking Services (OIBS) and perform data entries. Users request permission for data entry or contact information of other systems by writing to [email protected]

Benchmark Results

This option allows you to access Benchmark results available in the database as a non-registered user. You may review the data but all the data remain anonymous. Results will be displayed as Graphs or Tables.

What's new in OIBS version 3?

The Online Irrigation Benchmarking Service (OIBS version 3) provides a number of upgrades on version 2. Specifically improved graphs are provided for comparison of scheme performance; introduction of facilities to contact other OIBS users to discuss performance of schemes; and revisions to the user interface to enable easier access to performance information. Further improvements are being implemented for release in 2019, including inclusion of new performance indicators and report formats. The OIBS central data processing unit (CDPU) team welcomes proposals for further enhancements to OIBS ver 3. Please contact CDPU at [email protected] .

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